owncloud 6.0.4

ownCloud logo square

Since I already tested owncloud previously, I decided to also offer this as part of NWSEC Hosting and started beta-testing.

Installation in Wheezy 7.6 went pretty smooth, running in a RAW 160GB image as usual.

You can access your 16GB in the NWSEC owncloud instance via:

http://oc.nwsec.de (redirecting to SSL).

The current test deployment is non-redundant for now, but deploys the upcoming music app and of course implements storage and transport encryption.

The Ubuntu Client App seems to work well, testing for other versions will begin from now on.

ipw2200 kill switch


Some older laptops have hardware buttons to enable or disable the wireless connection. This button does not work by default, resulting in a non-working wireless adapter.

A while ago, one could manually compile the acerhk.ko kernel module for 2.6 kernels to get around the issue, but since I want to use newer kernels, I had to take a different path to achieve connectivity:

  • remove mini-pci wireless adapter
  • identify PIN13 (which is PIN7 on the frontside)
  • use tesa stripe or similar to isolate and disable the pin

Schematic drawing:

Frontside View of mini-PCI adapter PINs: 
L       g                 R
   | |  a  | | | | | |x| <-- diz is it! 
    1   p   2 3 4 5 6 7

Afterwards, the adapter will no longer be disabled, because the kill switch will naturally be turned off if the PIN is not connected (you can verify this by using rfkill list)